How to convert a pdf file to jpg image
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    How to convert a PDF file to .JPG image

    If you are in search of a detailed article regarding converting PDF to jpg, you are at right place, glued in here, do not rush around, this article would give you a full step-by-step information to convert a PDF file format to JPG image.

    If you were wondering, why would anyone like to convert PDF format to image format JPG. For your kind information, most of the time, one does not have installed adobe reader and on the other hand, PDF format is too heavy to be open instantly and thirdly, images are easy to handle, can open and close in single blink of any eye. There may be other reason, depends upon your need and desire.

    It would be like caught between two stools to select between the online converter and software (that needs to be install and then use). If you want instant and quick conversion, you should select online converter, there are more than often converter available online, catch what you like, in my personal experience, you should select Zamar online converter, it is easy and quick.

    There is the step-by-step guide to convert PDF to JPG

    1. First, open the site by searching on Google, a website will open, I already mention the name, you can select your desired website, and about all online websites have the same process of converting PDF to jpg.


    how to convert pdf file to jpg image


                  2. Then click on the first tab, where you need to choose your file by clicking on file choose button, as mentioned in given image.


    how to convert pdf file to jpg image


                 3. Then you need to select the format, in which you are willing to convert the file, in our case we are going to convert it into.JPG format, you can select according to your need.


                   4. Then, you have to put your Email address, they will send your converted format to your given Email address; always try to give an available email address.

          5. After that, click on Convert button.


         6. A screen like this will open, to show you about the conversion of your file.



    7. After completion, this will lead you to another page that will be shown in this given image.

    8. Now, you open your email account, there will be the email with your converted file.


    9. Open email account and click on the given link, which will lead you to your files.

    10.Now click on your files, click on the download button your files will be there.

    11 .Sometimes, due to some unknown reason, there are chances of your file not be download, in that case, you need to click manually on the link as shown in this picture.


    If you are in search of some software to convert PDF to image, there are more than dozens software available in market, just search PDF to jpg, all will be shown there, most favorably download a software from a known website, like filehippo, softenic,

    In this way, you would be able to catch your all files, which would be in Zip file, you need to extract that files to use.

    This was the simple guide to convert PDF to image, if you are finding it difficult to follow any step, please mention your problem in the comment section; our expert team will consider your question and will provide you best suitable answer.


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